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Appointments are available nights and weekends. Evidence based treatments are provided.

Alternative lifestyles are treated with respect, with knowledge of specific issues, and not focused on as the problem.

Non problematic issues focus on life stages, making decisions, pre-commitment or pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, individual counseling for driving under the influence cases, court ordered anger management counseling, problems with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and issues related to trauma. 


When you call or email for an appointment your causes of stress will be quickly assessed. You will feel better, more hopeful and have an individualized action plan. Your growth and recovery is reachable when you take the next step to change by making an appointment with Alternative Psychotherapy Services. Dr. Lynn Rosenthal awaits your call or email. Dr. Lynn Rosenthal is motivated to help you walk a different path in life. 

(Consulting Services)

  1. Executive Coaching Services

  2. Team Building

  3. Stress Management-Group & Individual sessions

  4. Coming out Issues- Group & Individual sessions

  5. Social Skills Group Therapy

  6. Clinical Supervision for Licensure in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware 


  1. Relationship Issues

  2. Addictions
    (Substance Abuse, Sexual, Gambling)

  3. Depression/Anxiety

  4. Pre-Marital Counseling

  5. Marriage Counseling & Couples Counseling

  6. Women's Issues

  7. Self-Esteem

  8. Family Counseling

  9. Assertiveness Training

  10. Trauma Therapy (Loss, Sexual Assault)

  11. Individual Counseling

  12. Adjustment Issues

  13. Group Psychotherapy (Anger Management, PTSD)

  14. Domestic Violence

  15. DUI Cases

  16. Sexual Minority Issues

Licensed board certified professional counselor with 29 years of experience available evenings and weekends by appointment.

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